The board of the Foundation consists of members all passionate about helping make a real difference in the world and genuinely supporting the charities we partner with.

The board of the Foundation


Chris Dutton

Founder, The CEO Magazine

Chris Dutton has been a true entrepreneur, disrupter, and visionary in the media industry since emigrating from the UK in 2005.

He came to Australia with a wealth of media experience in both online and traditional print media, and he has held senior management positions at a number of global media corporations since he began his career back in 1992.

Chris founded his award-winning company upon arrival in Australia with just $50 working from his spare bedroom and has grown it with undoubted success into a truly iconic global brand. Whilst The CEO Magazine was founded in Australia, Chris expanded the publication into Europe, India, South East Asia, and the US, and it is now widely recognised as one of the most influential business magazines in the world. The CEO Magazine has a current brand reach of 5.7 million and talks to more CEOs than any other publication in the world.

Chris is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur, is passionate about giving back and positive change in the world, and lives on Sydney’s north shore.


Luke Hepworth

Owner, Hepworth Industrial Wear.

For nearly 30 years, Luke Hepworth is the owner of the Personal Protective Equipment and Apparel company, Hepworth Industrial Wear. He has a genuine passion for protecting people and has instilled these practices into the foundation of his business. This passion has protecting people extends to his charity work for sick kids and more recently expanded into protecting the environment. He’s a board member of Do Good Shit in the US bringing a strong sense of passion for creating tangible impact and also joined the board of CEO Magazine Foundation in 2020

Luke’s also an adventure philanthropist and adrenaline junkie with passions for climbing, running and extreme adventure. With years of charitable experience working with many children’s charities he’s raised in excess of $1m to help sick kids.